Shaping and Providing Academic Resources for Kids (SPARK) is our Program devoted to implementing new and fun opportunities for education. Some of our SPARK projects include Bringing Up Grades (BUG) and The Regional Kiwanis Spelling Bee.

Bringing Up Grades (BUG) program - A branded Kiwanis Program, this service project focuses on bringing young students' grades up. The Kiwanis Club partners with local schools on this fun and exciting project. Every time the report cards are issued, children who improve their grade in at least one subject get treated to a fun assembly with snacks, prizes, music, guest speakers who discuss how important a good education is, and more. The Kiwanians love it as much as the kids do. We hope that by reaching children at this young age and instilling in them the motivation to do well in school, they will improve their chances of success later in life.

Kiwanis regional Spelling Bee - Together with the Kiwanis Club of Acadiana, we host a spelling bee open to schools in an 8-parish area. Schools that register for our event first prepare their students for spelling bees in their own school, helping students improve their language and spelling skills. Each school holds a spelling bee, and the champion from every school gets to attend our bee, with the 7-8 grade champion winning an expense-paid trip to Washington DC and the opportunity to compete against the best spellers in the country.

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