Michael Smith – Guest Speaker – 6/21/16

Kiwanis of Lafayette thanks our very own Michael Smith for speaking to us today.  Sometimes a scheduled speaker has to decline our invitation to speak due to a sudden scheduling challenge.  We are grateful to have Michael, who's always willing to step up and provide the members with informative discussions regarding computers and technology.

Today, Michael presented the case for upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10, the most recent operating system from Microsoft.  Michael gave a tour of Windows operating systems past, including: the original Windows 95; the workhorse Windows XP; the disastrous Windows Vista; the new workhorse Windows 7; and the awful Windows 8.

Microsoft is offering users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free until July 29, 2016.  Michael's recommendation is that it is a major improvement over Windows 8 but is only a slight improvement over Windows 7.  In all, Michael's opinion of Windows 10 is "Meh."

As usual Michael fielded a variety of questions from the members including such issues as data privacy, going off the grid, and net neutrality.

Finally, we discussed the club's Facebook page.  All members who have a Facebook page are encouraged to like and share our content.

Thanks again, Michael for another entertaining and informative discussion.


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