Helping Today’s Children Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

Kiwanis helps children by service, by financial support & Service Leadership Programs (SLPs).  Our SLP clubs help engender the idea of community service from a very early age, and help children learn about leadership and working together as a team.

The SLPs that the Kiwanis Club of Lafayette sponsors are as follows:

K-Kids Club (Green T Lindon Elementary) - a service leadership program for primary school students. K-Kids provides students with opportunities to work together on service projects, develop leadership potential and create strong moral character.

Builders Club (Paul Breaux Middle School) - provides students with opportunities to develop leadership, improve self-esteem, increase civic engagement and learn life skills through service. As students maneuver this “in-between-stage” of life, Builders Club empowers them to be themselves, work together with friends, and implement plans through action. Through Builders Club, students become leaders at school, in their community and in the world. Builders Club is a “student-led” community service organization that operates under school regulations and draws its members from the student body.

Key Club International (Lafayette High School & Comeaux High School) - the oldest and largest service leadership organization for teens, teaches leadership through service to others. Key Club’s 250,000 members build themselves as they build their schools and communities. Key Club’s 5,000 clubs thrive in 30 nations in North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  By performing more than 12 million service hours each year, Key Club members make a difference in their communities and the world by organizing a variety of service projects and fundraisers such as food drives and raising money for cancer research.

Circle K International (University Of Louisiana at Lafayette) -  the largest university service leadership organization in the world, performs half a million hours of service each year. With more than 12,600 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day.  CKI clubs are organized on a university campus and sponsored by a local Kiwanis club. CKI is a self-governing organization and elects its own officers, conducts its own meetings and determines its own service activities.  CKI blends community service and leadership training with the opportunity to meet other students

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I am the Data Analyst at Carencro Middle School, and we are interested in starting a Builder’s Club here at our school. Our students desperately need the opportunities to learn leadership skills and to serve in their community. I was hoping that you could point me in the right direction to help our school get started in this endeavor. I know that we need a sponsor, but I don’t know anything else. Please Help! Thanks so much!!

    Kim Rounsaville

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