Harold Schoeffler – Guest Speaker – 12/22/15

Kiwanis of Lafayette thanks Harold Schoeffler, president of the Acadiana Chapter of the Sierra Club, for speaking to us today about his opposition to the proposed I-49 Connector project.

The completion of I-49 is a substantial issue which will have lasting impact on the business and culture in our region.  So the question remains, which is the best way forward?

Mr. Schoeffler outlined his concerns for the current design which relies generally on the current Evangeline Thruway.  These included environmental factors such as possible contamination sites (the Southern Pacific rail yard, the old power plant, and the old landfill) as well as economic factors (airport runway displacement and high costs per mile).

He concluded by suggesting that a former railroad right of way in St. Martin Parish, which is largely undeveloped, could provide an alternate route.

We thank Mr. Schoeffler for taking the time to explain his concerns.  Next week, a representative with State Department of Transportation will present to us the current plan for the I-49 Lafayette Connector.

Kiwanis of Lafayette is pleased to present both sides of this very important project.  These speakers help us to meet the Fourth Object of Kiwanis which is: "To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship."

For more information about the DOTD's current plan for the Lafayette Connector Project visit their website  and Facebook Page.

For more information about Sierra Club's opposition to the Lafayette Connector visit their website and Facebook Page.


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