A Dream Comes True at the 2013 Kiwanis Football Jamboree

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put on a successful Football jamboree this year, and to all the individuals and businesses who contributed financially to our mission.  In case you missed it - here is a wonderful highlight from Thursday night.

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  1. Wish I could have seen the play in person. Great job Cecilia High Players, Coach Martin & Shae Stelly for a job well done! This is the passion & devotion that makes me so proud of the Great State of Louisiana, living among the proud Cajun people and being associated with such a wonderful & caring group of volunteers as the Kiwanis Club of Lafayette. This video embodies our global motto of “Changing one CHILD and one COMMUNITY at a time”.

    Michael D. Williams VP

  2. Thanks Mike. It was a very special moment. I took a break from my normal duties to get some video of it – that’s me towards the end of the video in the multicolored hat…

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